At the Village Board meeting this month the Village Trustees passed an ordinance to increase resident’s water rates.  In March an independent water study was done by the Rural Water Association which indicated that the current rates were not sufficient to cover the operating costs of the Water Department.  Village Clerk Doremus stated that water rates had not been adjusted since the meters were put in seven years ago.  A proposed water project to replace old water mains, hydrants, valves and update mapping prompted the rate study.  The Village must demonstrate the ability to repay loans for this project.  The ordinance passed this month increases the base water rate from $37.00 to $41.70 with a usage increase from $.155 to $.175 per hundred gallons.  This will take place June 1, 2019.  Another increase to $46.75 base rate and $.195 per hundred gallons will occur June 1, 2020 (this increase to pay for the water project to begin in 2020).